Storage Providers


Steps to connect your S3 storage to SimpleBackups

Amazon S3 Glacier

Ultra low-cost backup storage using SimpleBackups and Amazon S3 Glacier

Azure Blob

Steps to connect your Azure Blob storage to SimpleBackups

Alibaba Cloud

Steps to connect your Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) to SimpleBackups

Backblaze B2

Steps to connect your Backblaze B2 storage to SimpleBackups

CloudFlare R2

Steps to Create a Cloudflare R2 Storage Token for a Bucket

DigitalOcean Spaces

Easily leverage your DigitalOcean account into a strong backup storage.


Steps to connect your Dropbox storage to SimpleBackups


Steps to connect your Exoscale storage to SimpleBackups


How to connect Egnyte Storage for backups? Use Egnyte for file backups, database backups, and storage replication.


Steps to connect your Filebase storage to SimpleBackups

Google Cloud Storage

Store your websites and databases backups on Google Cloud Storage in just a few clicks.

Google Cloud Storage (S3-compatible credentials)

Generate Access Key and Secret Key for Google Cloud Storage.

Google Drive

Steps to connect your Google Drive storage to SimpleBackups

Hetzner Storage Box

How to connect Hetzner Storage Box via SFTP to SimpleBackups and use it for backup storage and cloud replication.

IDrive e2

Steps to connect your IDrive storage to SimpleBackups


Steps to connect your Leviia storage to SimpleBackups


Steps to connect your MinIO storage to SimpleBackups

NAS or local volume

How to store your backups locally, on a block storage, or on a NAS using SimpleBackups.

SFTP Storage

Steps to connect an SFTP storage or an SSH-accessible server as a storage to SimpleBackups


SimpleBackups built-in, secure, zero-config storage solution.


Steps to connect your Storadra storage to SimpleBackups


Steps to connect your Storaj storage to SimpleBackups


Steps to connect your UpCloud storage to SimpleBackups


Steps to connect your Wasabi storage to SimpleBackups