IDrive e2

Steps to connect your IDrive storage to SimpleBackups

How to Connect your IDrive e2 bucket to SimpleBackups

1. Create your IDrive e2 Bucket

  • Fill in your Bucket name, select a region and create the Bucket

Good job, your bucket is created!

Don't leave the Idrive interface yet, we'll now have to create your credentials.

Information you'll need in step 3:

  • Your Bucket name, in this case "acme-bucket"

2. Create your Bucket credentials

Now that we have a Bucket, we need to create the credentials required to access it.

Fill in the form with:

  • Name of the Key: we like to use a reference of the Bucket we're creating the credentials for
  • Allow access to Bucket(s): Access to "All Buckets" is less secure, we strongly recommend that you select the bucket you want to use only.
  • Assign permissions: Read and write - Allows write backup archives but also to retrieve them during the backup restore process

You'll get a confirmation message including your KeyID and applicationKey, which is what we need to connect your storage to SimpleBackups.

Information you'll need in step 3:

  • Endpoint Key
  • Access Key
  • Secret Key

3. Connect your Bucket to SimpleBackups

So far we have created a Bucket and have created the required credentials to get access to this it. The only remaining step is connecting this new storage to SimpleBackups.

  • Select "IDrive e2" as the storage provider and fill in the "Connect your storage" form with the information from step 1 and 2.

You'll have to input :

  • Key: Access Key described in (step 2)
  • Secret: Secret Leu described in (step 2)
  • Endpoint: Endpoint url generated in step 2, preceded by "https://"
  • Bucket: Bucket name described in (step 1)
  • Give your storage a name (usually we like to use the Bucket name) and click on "Save new storage".

Once saved, your IDrive e2 bucket will be available as a storage destination for your backups.

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Last updated on August 4, 2021