Hetzner Storage Box

How to connect Hetzner Storage Box via SFTP to SimpleBackups and use it for backup storage and cloud replication.

To connect Hetzner Storage Box to SimpleBackups, all we need is the host, username, and password.

You can use your storage box for cloud replication, sync, migration, and of course for backup storage.

Step 1: Grab Hetzner Storage Box Credentials

In this step, we will need to grab the username, host, and password.

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Note: Ensure that you enable External reachability.

Note: Ensure that you enable SSH support. This will allow SimpleBackups to help you restore your backups.

Step 2: Create a SimpleBackups Storage

  1. Select the provider
  1. Enter the host, user, and password obtained in Step 1
  1. Validate connection
  1. Set a friendly name for your storage then Save Storage

You are now ready to store backups, migrate/sync/replicate other cloud storage to this SFTP storage!

Using a subuser on Hetzner Storage Box

Hetzner Storage Endpoint

When using a subuser account u111111-sub1 for example, make sure you use the user’s endpoint, u111111-sub1.your-storagebox.de and not the root one u111111.your-storagebox.de

Hetzner Storage Path

When entering a path on your storage, ensure that the directory exists first and enter the relative path.

Let’s say your user u111111 has access to the directory subuser1111/. Assuming you want to store your backups under let’s say subuser1111/backups/

  1. Create the directory backups under subuser111/ or ensure that it exists
  1. Enter your path as backups on SimpleBackups (do not enter your subusers’ home folder, in this case subuser1111)
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Last updated on August 4, 2021