Steps to connect your UpCloud storage to SimpleBackups

How to Connect your UpCloud bucket to SimpleBackups

1. Create your UpCloud Bucket

  • Select the location for your storage (think about GDPR rules, if you're an EU company)
  • Make sure to keep "Public network access" option enabled
  • Name your storage
  • Select "Yes, create a bucket now" and finally give your bucket a name

Good job, your UpCloud bucket is created!

Information you'll need in step 2:

  • Your Bucket name, in this example "bucket-sbio"
  • Your Bucket region, in this example "nl-ams1"
  • Your Bucket endpoint, in this example "my-sbio-storage.nl-ams1.upcloudobjects.com"
  • Your Bucket access key
  • Your Bucket secret key

2. Connect your UpCloud bucket to SimpleBackups

  • Select "UpCloud" as storage provider and fill in the "Connect your storage" form with the information from step 1.

You'll have to input :

  • Key: Access Key described in step 1
  • Secret: Secret Key described in step 1
  • Region: Bucket location described in step 1
  • Bucket: Bucket name described in step 1
  • Endpoint: Storage endpoint described in step 1, make sure not to include the bucket name but only the storage (as described in the helper).
  • Give your storage a name (usually we like to use the Bucket name) and click on "Save new storage".

Congratulations, you have now connected your UpCloud storage!

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Last updated on August 4, 2021