Synology C2

Steps to connect your Synology C2 storage to SimpleBackups

How to Connect your Backblaze bucket to SimpleBackups

1. Create your Synology C2 Bucket

  • Go to the Bucket page, create a new Bucket if you don’t have one.
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  • Fill in your Bucket name and create the Bucket, and check the Create an access key for this bucket checkbox. Give your access key a description, (e.g. SimpleBackups Access)
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Good job! Your bucket is created.

Don't leave the Synology C2 interface yet, we'll now have to copy the Credentials, make sure to store them somewhere safe.

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After the bucket has been created, not the endpoint lowest subdomain, in this case it was the eu-003 region.

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2. Connect your Bucket to SimpleBackups

So far we have created a Bucket and have created the required credentials to get access to this it. The only remaining step is connecting this new storage to SimpleBackups.

  • Select "Synology" as storage provider and fill in the "Connect your storage" form with the information from step 1 and 2.
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You'll have to input :

  • Key: KeyID described in (step 1)
  • Secret: applicationKey described in (step 1)
  • Region: Bucket region described in (step 1)
  • Bucket: Bucket name described in (step 1)
  • Give your storage a name (usually we like to use the Bucket name) and click on "Save new storage".
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Last updated on May 15, 2024