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Steps to connect your Azure Blob storage to SimpleBackups

How to Connect your Azure Blob Storage to SimpleBackups

1. Create your Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

  • Under Azure services, choose Storage Accounts. Your storage account list will be displayed. Choose the storage account you want to connect with.
  • On the left menu, under Blob Service, choose Containers
  • Click + Container to add a Container. Input the name you want for the container and click the Create button
  • Your container has been created.

Information you'll need in step 3:

  • Container Name
  • Storage Endpoint, in this case is

2. Get your Storage Access Keys

In order to give access to your newly created storage, you'll need to provide credentials to SimpleBackups.

  • On the left menu, under Settings, choose Access Keys.
  • Please use the Key value under key1 as your access key.

Information you'll need in step 3:

  • Access Key
  • Storage Account Name

3. Connect your Bucket to SimpleBackups

  • In the storage provider list select "Azure Blob Storage", and fill in the form with the information from step 1 and step 2

You'll have to input :

  • Account Name: Account Name described in (step 2)
  • Access Key: Secret Key described in (step 2)
  • Container: Container name described in (step 1)
  • Ending Suffix: your storage endpoint described in (step 1)
  • Give your storage a name (usually we like to use the storage name) and click on "Save new storage".
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Last updated on August 4, 2021