How to connect Egnyte Storage for backups? Use Egnyte for file backups, database backups, and storage replication.

Egnyte could be added as an SFTP storage to SimpleBackups since it supports that protocol.


Egnyte allows users to use WebDAV or FTP/SFTP to connect.

Step 1: enable SFTP support


Step 2: Connect Egnyte to SimpleBackups:

After you save your settings and ensure that SFTP is enabled, you could add it to SimpleBackups as shown below:


This is almost similar to the instructions at which gives more details about how the username and hostname are obtained.


Also if you use SSO with Egnyte, there is another piece to check out which basically explains Setting up a Non-SSO Password for your Egnyte user.


Note that the Path is important and needs to reflect an actual starting path under your Egnyte account.

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Last updated on January 9, 2023