Step by step guide to automate Vultr server and volume snapshots on a custom schedule, daily, hourly, weekly, etc.


In this step, we will generate a unique API Token on Vultr that will allow us to automate Vultr snapshots from SimpleBackups dashboard.

Obtain Vultr API credentials

  1. Go to,
  1. Click API
  1. White-list SimpleBackups IP addresses or allow access from all IPv4
  1. Then click Copy API Key to Clipboard
  • Afterwards, create a new provider on SimpleBackups with your Vultr API Key by going to the snapshot creation section and click Connect a new provider as shown.
  • Select Vultr from the Provider dropdown list, enter a name for your Vultr account, then paste the Token we obtained in the previous step and click save provider.
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Last updated on August 6, 2021