Step by step guide to automate OVH server and volume snapshots on a custom schedule, daily, hourly, weekly, etc.

In this step, we will generate a unique API Token on OVH that will allow us to automate OVH snapshots from SimpleBackups dashboard.


Obtain OVH API Key

  1. Go to OVH’s Create API Token Page. (
  1. Choose a name, description and the following rights to the API Key:
    1. GET: *
    2. PUT:*
    3. POST: *
    4. DELETE:*
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  1. Click on Create
  1. Copy the Application Key, Application Secret, and Consumer Key. Make sure to store them somewhere safe so you can access them later.
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Finally, grab your Service Name ( Also sometimes reffered as Project name ) from your OVH’s public cloud control panel (

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