Step by step guide to automate Hetzner server snapshots and back them up on a custom schedule, daily, hourly, weekly, etc.

Step 1. Connect your Hetzner account to SimpleBackups

In this step, we will generate a unique API Token on Hetzner that will allow us to automate Hetzner snapshots from SimpleBackups dashboard.

Obtain your Hetzner API credentials as shown below: go to https://console.hetzner.cloud/projects/ and choose your project,

then click Security => API Tokens => Generate API Token

Choose the Read & Write permission, enter a name for your token, then click Generate API Token

Your token will be shown once. Make you copy it and immediately add it to SimpleBackups.

Afterwards, create a new provider on SimpleBackups with your Hetzner API Token by going to then snapshots creation section and click Connect a new provider as shown.

Select Hetzner from the Provider dropdown list, enter a name for your Hetzner account, then paste the Token we obtained in the previous step and click save provider.

Step 2. Create a Hetzner snapshot backup job.

2a. Choose your Hetzner account

2b. Choose the server to automate its snapshots: choose a server under the Resource Type. The Resource dropdown will be populated by all the Hetzner resources accessible under your Hetzner account / project.

2c. Set the retention you need: this is a number of snapshots we will keep, anything more than this number will be pruned/rotated automatically for you.

2d. Save the snapshot backup job: give your snapshot backup job a friendly name, then click Create Snapshot

Please also note that Hetzner Snapshots do not include any Volumes which are attached to your server. This is the default and only behavior by Hetzner, and therefore, you cannot create a native snapshot of an external volume. For this reason, we suggest that you create a file backup for the volume using SimpleBackups.
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Last updated on August 6, 2021