Step by step guide to automate Exoscale server snapshots and back them up on a custom schedule, daily, hourly, weekly, etc.

Exoscale is one of the leading cloud providers. This guide will help you automate your Exoscale server snapshots, step by step. The process is straightforward and requires minimal effort.

Once complete, you can take snapshots automatically, on your own terms. You can choose to take them daily, weekly, every couple of hours, or on-demand using our API. Additionally, you can select the number of snapshots to keep on your provider, helping you save on snapshot storage costs.

Three easy steps:

1. SimpleBackups Account

2. Connect your Exoscale account to SimpleBackups:

  • Obtain your Exoscale API credentials
  • Create a new provider on SimpleBackups with your Exoscale API Token

3. Create a snapshot backup job:

  • Choose your Exoscale account
  • Choose the server to automate its snapshots
  • Set the retention you need
  • Save the snapshot backup job

Now, let's get started!


Step 1. SimpleBackups Account

Create or log in to your SimpleBackups account, then head to the snapshots creation section.


Step 2. Connect your Exoscale account to SimpleBackups

Generate a unique API Key on Exoscale to enable automated Exoscale snapshots from the SimpleBackups dashboard.

Obtain your Exoscale API credentials as shown below: go to https://portal.exoscale.com/iam/api-keys and click on ADD KEY

Notion image

Choose a name for the Key.

Exoscale offers two types of API keys: UNRESTRICTED and RESTRICTED. If you choose UNRESTRICTED, you won't need to select the operations permissions required by SimpleBackups to create a snapshot on your server.
Notion image

If you choose the RESTRICTED option, please add the COMPUTE service and grant the following operation permissions:

  • createSnapshot
  • listAsyncJobs
  • listVolumes
  • deleteSnapshot
  • listSnapshots
  • queryAsyncJobResult

Then click on the CREATE button

Your API Key & Secret will be shown once. Make sure you copy it immediately and add it to SimpleBackups

Notion image

Afterward, create a new provider on SimpleBackups with your Exoscale API key and secret by navigating to the snapshots creation section and clicking "Connect a new provider" as shown.

Notion image

Select Exoscale from the Provider dropdown list, enter a name for your Exoscale account, then paste the Key and Secret obtained in the previous step and click Save Provider.

Notion image

Step 3. Create a Exoscale snapshot backup job.

Notion image
  1. Choose your Exoscale account
  1. Choose the server to automate its snapshots: From the Resource Type dropdown, select the server you want to automate snapshots for. The Resource dropdown will be populated with all the Exoscale resources available under your Exoscale account/project.
  1. Set the retention you need: Specify the number of snapshots you want to keep. Anything more than this number will be automatically pruned/rotated.
  1. Save the snapshot backup job: Give your snapshot backup job a friendly name, then click Create Snapshot.
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Last updated on February 3, 2022