Google Cloud Storage Updated

Google Cloud Storage connection using S3-compliant API has been replaced by a newer connector.

Google Cloud Storage Updated

Google Cloud Storage (S3-compatible version) support has been stopped, in favor of the newer connector Google Cloud Storage (service account authentication).

The new connection integration offers more stability in terms of communicating with Google Cloud Storage API, fine-grained and better customized security rules when it comes to connecting to your storage.

Storage connection migration

To migrate to the new connector, please follow these points:

  1. Go to
  1. Next to the storage that needs to be upgraded, you will see a little exclamation mark
  1. Click on your storage to edit it
  1. Change the storage type to "Google Cloud Storage"
  1. This will show the new credentials fields and preserve your bucket, path and region selection
  1. Follow the step by step guide that explains how to generate the service account key
  1. Once you obtain your service account key, paste it in the field
  1. Finally, validate your storage and save it!
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