Connecting read-only storage bucket

How to limit the permissions needed when connecting your storage.

Immutable storage or object-locked storage is a secure data copy that cannot be altered or deleted, providing robust protection against modifications or deletions. It’s backup data is safe from potential changes or deletions, meaning that its original integrity stays intact. It is also useful when it comes to designing and implementing a resilient data protection strategy. 

You may connect a read-only / object-locked storage and do not provide SimpleBackups with a write permission if you prefer.

This is a smart choice if you are connecting your storage as replication source, or would prefer to have unlimited retention.

How to create a object-locked and/or read only storage

  1. Go to
  1. Choose your provider
  1. Click on Show additional settings and tick the desired option (Object Locked, and/or Read only).
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How to edit an existing storage to be object-locked and/or read only.

  1. Go to your storage listing page by clicking on your avatar, then clicking on Storage from the Resources section in the dropdown.
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  1. You’ll be able to view a list of connected storages, click on the desired storage to edit.
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  1. Once you’re in the desired storage edit page, click on Show additional settings, then enable the desired option (Object Locked, and/or Read only).
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  1. Finally, Validate your connection and click on Update storage.
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Last updated on November 16, 2023