How your data is processed

How SimpleBackups takes care of your data

Your account data

We take security very seriously due to the nature of what we do and encrypt all your sensitive information using industry-tested standards.

We even inform you about which fields are encrypted in our own database when you create a server, a backup, or a storage.

These encrypted fields are only decrypted on-the-fly at runtime when SimpleBackups takes a backup for you.



We do not log sensitive data anywhere else; all data are anonymised.


Here is a list of other things we do to secure your data:

  1. Your backups run on your own server, not ours, not a third-party. With the exception of Serverless backups which run on our infrastructure.
  1. Backup archives are directly and securely sent to your remote storage form your own server, not ours, not a third-party.
  1. Your temporary backup files stay on your own server.
  1. Our backup scripts do not store any sensitive data on your server (no temporary backup scripts with credentials are ever created on your server and so on).

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What happens if my account on SimpleBackups is compromised?

The beauty of SimpleBackups is that it allows us to answer all the following questions with a No. We believe that our solution is the safest bet.

  • My storage secret can be viewed from my account? No.
  • My server SSH key could be retrieved from my account? No.
  • My server SSH password could be viewed from my account? No.
  • Backups on my offsite storage could be deleted by any means? No.
  • Encrypted backups could be decrypted by anyone other than the private key owner (you)? No.
  • If SimpleBackups disappears one day, or if my account is deleted, will I not be able to retrieve my backups? No.

More about security and privacy

You can find more about how security and privacy are managed on our dedicated page:

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