Backup workers

How does backup workers work?

A backup worker is a server that will carry your backup job, depending on what you’re backing up you’ll be presented with 2 options.

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Serverless Backup

Serverless backups are handled by SimpeBackups infrastructure. This means you don’t require any server to be connected to carry the backup job. We’ll take care of scaling the resources required based on your backup needs. This also means you won’t need to connect your own “worker” server to carry the backup job. Everything will be handled by SimpleBackups that will backup the data from your server, database or storage, right to your storage.

Except for the temporary transfer buffer, no data is stored on these servers.
Make sure your server/database/storage has SimpleBackups IP addresses white listed

Serverless backups especially come useful in below situations:

  • Your database size is larger than your server's free space, or
  • You don't have a dedicated server, or
  • You are on a shared hosting, or
  • You are using cPanel, or
  • You want to just rapidly backup your database without connecting your server to SimpleBackups

Own Server Backup

With this option, your backup will be carried by your own server. This mean SimpleBackups will orchestrate an monitor the backup process, while the data itself will never leave your infrastructure.

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Last updated on August 6, 2021