Backup encryption FAQs

Common questions regarding the backup encryption feature and encryption keys.

Can I use an RSA SSH public key, not in PEM format?

No. You can use this command to convert a private SSH key into the public RSA PEM key:

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -e -m pkcs8 > id_rsa.pem

Note: you need the private SSH key, you cannot convert a public SSH key (i.e.: to PEM.

Can I change my encryption key after a backup is created?

No. Once a backup job is set up and has been run successfully, you will not be able to change the encryption key. If you want to use another key, you may clone/duplicate this backup by selection that potion from the main backup list, and chose another encryption key.

What happens if I lose my private encryption key?

You will LOSE access to your encrypted backup, and will not be able to decrypt it. No one can help in this situation. It is extremely important that you keep your private key safe, and never lose it.

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Last updated on January 24, 2023